Soul Nomad Is Coming To Europe
Posted by on March 18th, 2008

KOEI has announced the release of PS2 title Soul Nomad, a tactical RPG developed by the studio behind critically acclaimed Disgaea series.

Soul Nomad combines the strategy of tactical RPGs with command based battles that put the controls at the player’s finger tips.

It is scheduled for a European release in June 2008.

Hertfordshire, UK- MARCH 18, 2008 – KOEI today announced the release of Soul Nomad on PlayStation 2. Designed by the strategic geniuses at Nippon Ichi, Soul Nomad expands upon the tactical delights of their Disgaea games with a brand new innovative battle system. Soul Nomad combines the strategy of tactical RPGs with command based battles that put the controls at the player’s finger tips. Soul Nomad is scheduled for release in June 2008.

“Soul Nomad once again cements Nippon Ichi’s position at the forefront of tactical RPGs. Said Will Curley, KOEI Sales Manager. “Anyone who has fallen for the addictive charms of the likes of Disgaea and Makai Kingdom will revel in the ambitiously expansive battle system and a cast of characters that are truly memorable and utterly unique. This release also reaffirms KOEI’s continued commitment to bringing the very best Japanese RPGs to European gamers.”


When an enemy emerges that is far too powerful for the good guys to defeat you do the only decent thing and sell your soul to the devil. Well, actually to someone worse than the devil. You strike a deal with your old arch enemy. And in return for some truly awesome power you’re giving your soul away to him one little piece at a time. How much power you wield and how much of your own body you give up to the ultimate incarnation of evil is totally up to you.

With a full army at your disposal battles are now an exciting combination of vast grid based battlefields and nerve shredding real time combat. By making the best use of your battlefield recon reports you have complete freedom to place your squads and take advantage of the terrain and ultimately inflict embarrassing defeat upon anyone who stands in your way.

You have total freedom to create your own army of terror and bestow each unit with their own unique talents and abilities. You can even try to press gang innocent townsfolk into your army. The entire world is your playground and you can be as good or as bad as you like.

Soul Nomad is the latest Strategy RPG spectacular from Nippon Ichi and follows in the footsteps of hugely popular titles Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave, and the critically acclaimed Disgaea series.

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