Fable 2 Achievements Will Be A Tough Ride

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Published on March 19th, 2008

Peter Molyneux revealed in a Major Nelson podcast that getting Gamer Points in Fable 2 isn’t going to be nearly as easy as some players would like.

They’re going to have some rough rides with those Achievements,” he stated.

“That’s another currency that I can use to make you care. How much are you willing to push yourself and willing to sacrifice for Achievements?”

“Most people, the vast, vast majority of people, played [Fable 1] good,” he continued.

“The research that we did showed about 70 percent of people played it good, and of the remaining 30 percent about 20 percent of them started playing it evil and then switched somewhere down the line to good.”

“So we’re only talking of about 10 percent of the people playing good. Now, what that’s meant to me, because I’m a sort of vicious, conniving individual, is that I didn’t do a good enough job in Fable 1 of testing what being good really was.”

“In Fable 2, I think of being truly good, truly pure good – we have a couple of new scales in Fable [2], one being purity and corruption – pure good, being the purest and most noble of individuals, is all to do with sacrifice. How much are you willing to sacrifice to be good?”

Listen to the podcast here.