Super Bomberman R Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl
Posted by on September 18th, 2018

The Super Bomberman R soundtrack is getting a vinyl release, Konami has announced. The vinyl contains music composed by Seima Iwahashi and Daisuke Kikuta of Elements Garden, and will be published in partnership with Sumthing Else Music Works – a dedicated video game record label. It can be pre-ordered at for $29.99.

Pictures and track list below.


1. Ending Theme Song [HERO]
2. Title Screen
3. Main Menu
4. World Map
5. Get Ready
6. Planet Technopolis
7. Planet Timbertree
8. Planet Brainwave
9. Planet Lalaland
10. Planet Scrapheap
11. Clear
12. Failed
13. World Clear Result

1. Five Dastardly Bombers
2. The Boss Robots
3. Elegant Dream
4. Great Gattaida
5. Ultimate Buggler
6. Go
7. Battle – Excite
8. Battle – Happy
9. Battle – Comical
10. Victory
11. Result
12. Draw
13. UP
14. Down
15. Ending Theme Song [HERO] (English version)

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